» The single biggest reason startups succeed and why you can’t wait to learn it

  • http://www.oplaunch.com Mark Hart

    If you ask a certain “fast-running, long-eared mammal that resembles a large rabbit, having long hind legs and occurring typically in grassland or open woodland,” “Those who are agile and can execute an OODA Loop faster than their opponents (or environment)” DO NOT “always come out smarter and stronger on the other side.”

    A. Tortoise

    • Brett Hoffstadt

      Aha ha, thank you Mr. Tortoise! You rightfully point out that there is a big difference between those who can, and those who actually do. Ability alone isn’t enough. It’s the action that matters.
      Reminds me of another wise story about those who want to just “be somebody” versus those who actually decide to “do something”…I bet you know that story too.

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  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/dyung David

    Wow Brett, this is a powerful speech and analysis done by Bill Gross on startups! I believe our fear of the pain associated with risks can be an excuse to procrastinate regardless of timing. That is also a challenge that I am struggling now to act upon my decisions. And I am glad you introduce me the OODA loop as a guideline to make wise decisions. This topic deserves much attention beyond new venture startups. Because we have to make decisions in our personal and profession development. A question to myself, you, and the readers here – When is the right time to pull the trigger and to act upon your decisions? Thank you!


    • Brett Hoffstadt

      Thanks for sharing your reaction David. I’m glad you found his speech powerful too.
      I think you are right–many people resist taking action because they are afraid of what might happen. But it is only after we take action and start moving can we learn, adjust, and advance toward success. If you have made a decision to pursue a goal, in all honesty, how serious was that decision if you haven’t taken action on it yet? Action means you are serious, so the right time is NOW.

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