» Does your brain need another app or an operating system upgrade?

  • https://www.linkedin.com/in/dyung David

    I tend to combine my physical and brain food together in a power hour for lunch and dinner. As an example, I am enjoying my General Tso Chicken and reading this during lunch, and I plan to flavor some Gourmet dinner while listening to a podcast from the NPR TED radio channel (one of my favorite).

    I cannot picture what a Fiat with a 400 HP motor will look like. But I know rockets can be strapped on a formula race car. Don’t believe it, you can check out the link below. And I believe we all need to refill our rocket engines once in a while to propel us out of the paradigm of self limiting belief!


    • Brett Hoffstadt

      You have great tastes–in food and listening! Too bad I couldn’t enjoy some of your spicy food and programming with you.
      Thanks for the rocket car example. That one is breaking the paradigm!